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Best of February

9/11: Behind the Curtain

One of the most serious crimes in the history of the United States was committed on September 11th, 2001. This docuseries is about what went on behind the scenes, and the people involved.

Damian Lewis: Spy Wars

The truth stories behind some of the most gripping and significant covert operations of the last forty years, looking not only at the thrilling espionage and undercover work, but also the personal and international consequences for those involved.


Christian Walker, a homicide detective whose powers were seized from his, investigates crimes involving superhumans along with his partner Deena Pilgrim.

Master of Photography

Isabella Rossellini hosts this life-changing competition to find Europe’s best photographer. In several European cities, and across various genres – landscape, portrait, nude-12 photographers compete for the $150, 000 prize.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules

Eight celebrity offspring venture from Hollywood and come together to live and work as ranch hands for four weeks in Steamboat Springs, Colo, hoping to prove to themselves , their parents, and the world that they are more than their last name. They’ll take on a series of outrageous, messy and challenging jobs in an attempt to prove they’re more than just their famous last names, and, more importantly, try and reopen the ranch after a years of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic. Each episode throws the cast members into fish-out-of-water situation and reopen Saddlebach Ranch to the public.


Saroo gets separated from his family at the age of five and ends up being adopted by an Australian couple. However, 25 years later, he returns to India to search for his birth parents.


Ray Garrison, an elite soldier killed in battle, is resurrected and given superhuman abilities. As he sets out to get revenge, he uncovers secrets about his life and the people supposedly helping him.


After moving to California with his owner, Marmaduke, a troublesome yet lovable Great Dana, makes new friends and falls in love with Jezebel, a female rough collie.

Das Boot

A German submarine patrols the Atlantic Ocean during World War II, manned by a crew that must contend with tense conflicts and long stretches of confined boredom. While war correspondent Werner observes dat-to day life aboard the U-boat, the grizzled captain struggles to maintain his own motivation as he attempts to keep the ship’s morale up in the face of fierce battles, intense storms and dwindling supples.

Race to the Center of the Earth

Four teams located in different parts of the world face a rigorous journey to be the first to reach the centre of the planet found in the middle of an ocean

Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges

Three champions return with one goal in mind, to prove that they are the best. However, they must first compete with each other before the winner, has a face-off with a judge in an epic challenge.

Escape Room

Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery room and must use their wits to survive. Six strangers are given mysterious black boxes with tickets to an immersive escape room for a chance to win tons of money. Being locked in several rooms with extreme conditions, they discover the secrets behind the escape room and must fight to survive to find a way out.


A thrilling drama series set in the glamorous Côte d’ Azur on the southeastern coast of France. An extremely powerful and wealthy banker, Constantine Clios, and his wife, Georgina, lead an extremely luxurious lifestyle. However, all of this changes after an explosion on a yacht kills Constantine. Georgina’s world is turned upside down as he begins to discover the details of his life, which becomes even more complicated with the presence of his ex-wife and children. She decides to embark on a dangerous journey to find out what really happened to her husband on the yacht.