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Best of January

In a Man's World

This timely and fascinating social experiment follows women as they go through astounding transformations to discover what life is truly like in a man’s world. With the help of Academy Award®-winning special effects makeup artists and voice and movement experts, the women temporarily morph into men to embark on eye-opening journeys as their male counterparts. In each episode, a different woman undergoes months of coaching before stepping out into the real world to put her disguise and training to the test. From professional interactions to encounters with family and friends, each woman experiences just how different life is as a man.

Woman Magazine

A weekly entertainment programme from the world of celebrities, fashion and current events. We reveal useful tips for a healthy and active life, many beauty tricks and inspirations for decorating your home.
In the Gala section, we take you to the world of prestige and glamour at current events, reveal what’s happening behind the scenes and watch the most glamorous fashion creations. In the Beauty section, many celebrities and renowned make-up artists reveal beauty tricks to preserve a perfect look, make-up tips and mysteries of well-being. For a healthy and active life, go to the Lifestyle section. We touch various topics in the field of healthy eating, exercise, and various relaxation techniques. In the Home section, we show you beautiful homes and intimate nooks of Hollywood celebrities and do relaxed interviews, which will surely give you the inspiration to decorate your own home.

Top Chef: All Stars

The Emmy and James Beard Award-winning series returns for Season 17 with host Padma Lakshmi, head judge Tom Colicchio and judge Gail Simmons. “All Stars LA” features 15 chefs, including finalists, frontrunners and fan favorites from seasons past, who have all returned to contend for the coveted title. The competing chefs include Eric Adjepong (Season 16: Kentucky), Karen Akunowicz (Season 13: California), Jennifer Carroll (Season 6: Las Vegas, Season 8: All Stars, and “Last Chance Kitchen” Season 7), Stephanie Cmar (Season 11: New Orleans), Lisa Fernandes (Season 4: Chicago), Kevin Gillespie (Season 6: Las Vegas), Gregory Gourdet (Season 12: Boston), Melissa King (Season 12: Boston), Jamie Lynch (Season 14: Charleston), Brian Malarkey (Season 3: Miami), Nini Nguyen (Season 16: Kentucky), Joe Sasto (Season 15: Colorado), Angelo Sosa (Season 7: Washington D.C., and Season 8: All Stars), Bryan Voltaggio (Season 6: Las Vegas), Lee Anne Wong (Season 1: San Francisco and “Last Chance Kitchen” Season 7).

In Ice Cold Blood

Hosted by Ice-T (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), this true-crime series weaves together in-depth interviews, dramatic reenactments and archival footage to shine a light on shocking real-life crime cases involving sex, greed and murder. Each hour-long episode explores an intriguing mystery with recollections from the detectives and those closest to the victims, recounting the twists and turns of the case and revealing how lust and greed could drive someone to kill.

Catching Kelce

American football player Travis Kelce is known for catching passes as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. As a pro football star and an eligible bachelor, Kelce is quite the catch himself. In the dating competition series “Catching Kelce,” 50 women from 50 states vie to win the heart of the pro football player. With help from his famous friends and family, Kelce attempts to find the woman who will become his perfect teammate.

The Alaska Triangle

Experts and eyewitnesses attempt to unlock the mystery of the Alaska Triangle, a remote area infamous for alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, paranormal phenomena and vanishing airplanes. Throughout the series, we meet a woman whose idyllic Alaskan dream soon descends into a paranormal nightmare, as she starts to suffer attacks by an unseen force. Recent sightings may prove that a Native American legend about a mysterious race of giants is true. The series also explores The Missing Douglas and whether an interdimensional portal in the Alaska Triangle led to the disappearance of the airplane carrying 44 military personnel in 1950.

Ross Kemp: Extreme World

Actor Ross Kemp is back with another documentary series, the time focusing on people around the world involved in illicit trading and other heinous crimes. In each episode, the former ‘EastEnders’ actor confronts criminals responsible for drug dealing, human trafficking, murder and rape, an he also talks with the authorities who are attempting to bring these gangs down. Countries that Kemp visits over the course of the series include Syria, Colombia, South Africa, Ukraine and Northern Ireland.

Richard Hammond's Big

Richard Hammond’s BIG. sees him go behind-the-scenes of the largest structures and machines in the world to gain insight into the science of ‘big’. Richard will investigate how engineers go about building, maintaining and using these superstructures. With each episode comes a new location and mega structure, which takes him around the globe exploring the likes of the world’s longest underground railway tunnel to a cargo ship the size of four football pitches. Richard will meet the unsung heroes behind their development and delve into the science needed to create them via a series of incredible experiments, proving that it’s the tiny that makes the truly massive possible.

Functional Fitness

This mini-documentary series takes a raw and introspective look into the world of Functional Fitness, illustrating what this growing trend is all about. Functional Fitness follows the stories of gym owners, athletes, and those just beginning their fitness journey. An inspiring docu mini-series that explores how this fitness phenomenon has enhanced the lives of so many people.